Whether you are a believer, a seeker, a person of faith, or one who has no faith at all, you are welcome here.

Boards and Ministry Teams

If you’d like to learn more or find out how to get involved, please e-mail the church office manager.


The Board of Trustees shall have the care and custody of the property of the Church and shall have charge of its financial affairs, subject to the laws of the State of California.

Personnel Policies Committee

Develops and maintains church policies and procedures for evaluation, supervision, hiring and dismissal for each position, all subject to the approval of Church Council, among other things

Investment / Audit Committee

Provides oversight and guidance to the Treasurer and Board of Trustees in all financial areas and oversees the long-term investment strategy and use of all the Special Gift and Endowment funds.

Stewardship Ministry Team

Educates the Church about the meaning and importance of Christian stewardship and carries out a yearly stewardship campaign to raise funds for the operation and programs of the Church.

Property Management Ministry Team

Oversees the long-term strategy for the use of the Church property, manage the relationship with our tenants and provide support and guidance to the Board of Trustees in these areas.

Information Technology Ministry Team

Responsible for planning, deploying, and maintaining the church’s information technology systems. Oversees IT vendors and service suppliers, recommends new technology, and supports the staff in using it.


With ordained and program staff, guides overall direction of worship services, spiritual growth, education, and ministries of FCCSJ.

Pastoral Relations Committee

Supports the ordained staff in their personal and professional development, builds the relationship between the minister(s) and congregation, maintains a written grievance and mediation procedure, manages disputes that might arise between minister(s) or between staff and minister(s), and evaluates the need for a self-study of the Church at least once every three years to assure alignment of ministers’ goals with church vision.

Diaconate Ministry Team

Responsible for “setting the space” in worship, overseeing the scheduling of greeters, lay readers, acolytes, and ushers, and stocking the pews with envelopes, prayer cards, and pencils. The Deacons also assist the Minister with communion, baptisms, confirmation, new members, and training ushers and acolytes.

Adult Learning Ministry Team

Envisions, plans, implements, and evaluates the continuing education and faith development programs for the adults of the church.

Family Ministries

Responsible for the development of policy, administration, and supervision of the Christian Education program for the children and youth of the church.

Social Media Ministry Team

Develops and implements the Church’s presence on social media.

Sacred Spaces Ministry Team

Envisions and implements decoration of the sanctuary / church spaces to convey sense of spirituality throughout the church year.

Ushers Ministry Team

Responsible for setting up the Sanctuary for worship services, greeting and assisting parishioners before, during and after the service, and cleaning up the Sanctuary after the service.


Special Gifts Ministry Team

Manages special gifts to the Church. Upon the recommendation of the team with concurrence of the Church Council, the earnings from the Endowment Fund are to be used to finance special church needs beyond the regular budget.

Fellowship Ministry Team

Promotes the spirit of friendliness in our church family by welcoming all visitors, providing opportunities for newcomers to become better acquainted and integrated into the life and program of our church, and strengthening the bonds of fellowship through a variety of social activities.

Outreach Ministry Team

Guides the Church in its worldwide and community education and service programs through the development of increased awareness of the social, spiritual, economic, and political responsibilities of Christians and to find the means by which the Church can exercise these responsibilities.

Community Service Ministry Team

The CSMT serves as the church’s ears and eyes in the wider community. They learn who needs help and let congregation members know how to make a difference.

Safe Parking Ministry Team

We are part of a coalition of a dozen churches and schools that host a safe, legal overnight parking option for individuals living in their cars. We partner with Amigos de Guadalupe Center for Justice and Empowerment to provide clean restrooms, hospitality, and restful night of sleep, each group hosting guests for one month per year.

Silicon Valley Sponsoring Committee Ministry Team

We joined a newly forming coalition of church and community activist organizations, seeking to find ways to work together to effect legislative and systemic changes on major issues impacting the wider Silicon Valley Community.

Hospitality Ministry Team

Develops and supports programs that welcome visitors and foster connections with current members (such as coffee fellowship.)