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March 28, 2021 Worship Service

“Anxiety is the dizziness of freedom.” ~Søren Kierkegaard

PRELUDE: The Palms for Organ
Fauré/Gene Roberson, arr.
© 2020, Used by permission


PSALM 131. Nancy Lucid
I am humbled, O God, by the world’s majesty
and by your love.
I know that I will never understand it all.
It’s too hard for me.
But I still my mind and calm my anxious heart
and give myself to You
like a sleepy child on her mother’s lap.
Waiting on You–always.

Christine Robinson: Psalms for a New World


HYMN: All Things Bright and Beautiful
John Ribble, arr.
© 1953 Westminster Press
Led by Zoë & Audie Campbell-Eby


SCRIPTURE: Matthew 6:25-30 Mary-Ellen Petrich


PRAYER MUSIC: A Way to Calvary Leadeth
Dale Wood
© 2000 Sacred Music Press

SACRED MUSIC: Morning Has Broken
Pepper Choplin, arr.
© 2018 Lorenz Publishing Co


Today we honor and make sacred the practice of gardening. We bless the time we take to plant and nurture, to feed and water. Together in a deep spirit of love, we acknowledge the sacred nature of participation in growing things. May we engage in prayer for healing and for wholeness, for the whole sacred world.

Let us pray together:

May I come to see the sacred nature of each moment I spend with living, growing, plants. The grace that connects me to the gifts of earth and the beauty of the world around me. Let all my gardening be a blessing.


POSTLUDE: All Glory, Laud, & Honor
Dan Miller, arr.
© 1999 MorningStar Music Publishers

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