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March 14, 2021 Worship Service

“Forgive me my nonsense as I also forgive the nonsense of those who think they talk sense.” ~Robert Frost

PRELUDE I Love Thy Kingdom, Lord

arr. by Jason D. Payne
© 2014 Lorenz Publishing Co

GREETING Rev. Penny Phillips

PSALM 85 Gloria Bordeaux-Pacholec
O God, you have given us a beautiful earth—
Grant us the wisdom to use it well.
Lead us to an inner life in which we can rejoice.
Speak peace to us, that we may live in peace.
May your mercy and truth meet together
Righteousness and peace kiss each other,
Surrounding us with your light.
Help us know true prosperity,
And be gentle with your Earth.
Guide our feet in the ways of peace.
Christine Robinson: Psalms for a New World

Holy One, as we gather in spirit we acknowledge that we have sometimes passed judgment before we can know or see. We have condemned without hearing the whole story. We have turned our backs without even knowing there was someone behind us. We often operate from a lack of insight, overlooking the injustice of our own actions. Bring us back to Your ways. You did not call the Christ into this world in order to condemn it but to heal it. Remind us that Love prevails, Love wins, and Love will see us through, as we open our hearts to Your presence. Amen.

HYMN The Sweet Hour of Prayer
by WW. Walford (pub. domain)
Led by Kristin Link


SCRIPTURE: Matthew 6:9-15 Rev. Penny Phillips


PRAYER MUSIC Vater Unser (The Lord’s Prayer)

Johann Christoph Bach
© 2020 by Leupold Editions



Today we honor and make sacred our daily engagement with the world around us. We bless the various errands we must run each week from grocery shopping to doctor’s appointments. Together in a deep spirit of love, we acknowledge the sacred nature of even our more superficial participation. May we engage in prayer for healing and for wholeness, for the whole sacred world.

Let us pray together:

May I come to see the sacred nature of each errand I must run. The grace that connects me to others in this world, and the flow of engagement as I encounter the world around me. Let all my errands be a blessing.



POSTLUDE Thine Be the Glory

arr. by Lani Smith
© 2014 Lorenz Publishing Co

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