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To provide the congregation with the information necessary to make an informed decision about the future use of church property.


  • Meet with the congregation as a whole to provide an overview of existing conditions, options, potential criteria for decision making, and the proposed decision-making process.
  • Meetings with small groups to get feedback on criteria and preferred options.
  • Compile and share the results.


  • Maximize congregational participation.
  • Develop a common understanding about current conditions and potential pathways forward.
  • Gather diverse feedback.
  • Build upon common understanding to identify a path forward supported by consensus.

Small Group Discussion Sessions

It is important that all members participate in the small group discussions in February so everyone can have input on the process. Each member should sign up individually, even if a couple is attending the same meeting, as the number of people at each meeting is limited to allow for a better discussion and feedback session. During the meeting, the attendees will be broken into even smaller groups for a discussion led by our consultants.  The meetings will be held on Zoom. Please choose from one of the meeting dates and times below and click on the link to sign up.  The deadline to sign up is January 31st. Please contact Mark Domnauer, [email protected], with any questions.