Whether you are a believer, a seeker, a person of faith, or one who has no faith at all, you are welcome here.

Boards & Committees


Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees shall have the care and custody of the property of the Church and shall have charge of its financial affairs, subject to the laws of the State of California. Meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday.

Diaconate Board

The Diaconate Board is responsible for “setting the space” in worship.  They oversee the scheduling of greeters, lay readers, acolytes, and ushers and also stock the pews with envelopes, prayer cards, and pencils.  The Deacons also assist the Minister with communion, baptisms, confirmation, new members, and training ushers and acolytes. Ministry Teams that fall under the Diaconate Board include the Calling Ministry Team, the Sacred Spaces Ministry Team, and the Sound Ministry Team. Meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday.

Board of Family Ministries

The Board of Children’s & Youth Ministries is responsible for the development of policy, administration, and supervision of the Christian Education program for the children and youth of the church. In this capacity, the Board supervises the Church School and other children’s ministries programs, including: reviewing and selecting curriculum; teacher recruitment, training, and support; summer and other children-related programs; and childcare during Church events (including worship). Meets monthly on the 2nd Tuesday.

Fellowship Board

The Board of Fellowship promotes the spirit of friendliness in our church family by welcoming all visitors, by providing opportunities for newcomers to become better acquainted and integrated into the life and program of our church, and by strengthening the bonds of fellowship through a variety of social activities. Meets monthly on the 3rd Tuesday.


Adult Learning Ministries Committee

The Adult Learning Ministries Committee envisions, plans, implements, and evaluates the continuing education and faith development programs for the adults of the church. Meets as needed.

Special Gifts and Endowments Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to attract, hold, manage, invest, and/or reinvest special gifts to the Church. Any gifts to the Endowment Fund will be held intact. Upon the recommendation of the Committee with concurrence of the Church Council, the earnings from the Endowment Fund are to be used to finance special church needs beyond the regular budget. Meets as needed.

Personnel Policies Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to develop and maintain church Policies and Procedures for evaluation, supervision, hiring and dismissal for each position, all subject to the approval of Church Council, among other things. Meets as needed.

Pastoral Relations Committee

The purpose of this Committee is to support the ordained staff in their personal and professional development, build the relationship between the minister(s) and congregation, maintain a written grievance and mediation procedure, manage disputes that might arise between minister(s) or between staff and minister(s), and evaluate the need for a self-study of the Church at least once every three years to assure alignment of ministers’ goals with church vision. Meets as needed.