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Frequently Asked Questions

Doors Wide Open FAQ

A successful Capital Campaign will make it possible for our church to extend an extravagant welcome to all who enter our Sanctuary. It will also enable us to make critically important, long-overdue improvements to the safety and accessibility of the chancel area. We’ll also be able to upgrade the Sanctuary’s lighting, sound, and flexibility so it can be used in many new and different ways. By redesigning and renewing this space, we’ll create a Sanctuary that is more theologically relevant as it lends itself to a broader range of uses by our congregation and our community. Over the last several years, with broad-based support from the congregation, we’ve developed a plan of redesign, renovation, and renewal, putting us on the path to meet all of these goals. Our new sanctuary will enable us to fling our Doors Wide Open, with a welcoming, affirming spirit. In turn, it will offer countless possibilities for a bright future of greater spirituality, learning, growth, and service.
The campaign fundraising goal is $1 million. We have received donations totaling about one-third of the amount, before we even launched the campaign. This includes a generous donation of $250,000 from the John Taylor family, two other estate gifts, and an anonymous $50,000 donation.
You can support the campaign by completing a Letter of Intent (two copies are included in the packet you may have already received). The Letter of Intent is your commitment to donate funds (including stock, retirement, or other funds) to the Sanctuary Renewal project over the next three years.
The official kick-off of the campaign was Sunday, Sept. 12, at a Commissioning Service in our Sanctuary.
You can make your pledge any time before Nov. 21, 2021. Our goal is to receive Letters of Intent (commitments to donate funds) from all supporters prior to the Campaign Celebration Service on Sunday, Nov. 21.
The recommended payment schedule encompasses four payments over three years. It begins with an initial gift at the Nov. 21 celebration and includes three additional installments in each of the following three years from 2022 to 2024. As an alternative to making annual payments, there are other options, such as making payments quarterly or monthly.
Yes, it is a separate campaign and does not affect your annual pledge. As with all donations to our church, your contribution to the Capital Campaign offers tax advantages. It is always a good idea to consult your tax accountant or financial planner for details on your personal situation.
Should your situation change at any time, please contact our church treasurer at [email protected] to adjust your commitment as needed.
Please read the Doors Wide Open campaign’s Ways to Give information in the packet you receive or at Ways to Give. You’ll return your Letter of Intent on Celebration Sunday to indicate your campaign commitment.
The church treasurer and financial secretary are the only people with access to the campaign giving records.
No. Based on the size of the project and our overall financial position, we don’t anticipate the need for financing from a financial institution.
The consultant, Jill White from Capital Campaign Services, UCC Church Building and Loan Fund, is helping to ensure that we achieve the optimal result from our campaign. She is guiding us in following best practices based on their extensive experience of success in working with other churches. In addition, the service’s vast array of resources and sample materials are available to us. The fee is 10 percent of our church’s annual pledges, and 30 percent of this will be donated to 2 non-profits designated by our church.
No. The congregation has approved the campaign to fund only plans associated with the Sanctuary Renewal project.
This would be a wonderful outcome! Until the project is completed, there is still the possibility that related issues needing funding may arise. Funds remaining upon completion of the entire project would be placed in a dedicated account that can only be used for other Sanctuary projects. Any significant undertaking would require additional approval from the Board of Trustees and Church Council.
We’ve been thoughtfully planning and developing the Sanctuary Renewal project for a number of years. It has received broad support from our church membership, and the vast majority of members support moving forward at this time. Besides solving critically important safety issues, the new design makes our Sanctuary more welcoming and accessible to all, including people with mobility issues. We believe these improvements are a true reflection of our congregation as we move forward with faith into a time of hope and promise.
Reach out to our Co-Administrators, Brian Link and Lorraine Casto at [email protected].