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When God Was a Bird

Spiritual Exploration Group

The Spiritual Exploration Group will meet on the 2nd Thursday of the month from 5:00-6:30pm. The next meeting is on January 14th, and the book we will be discussing is When God Was a Bird: Christianity, Animism, and the Re-Enchantment of the World (Groundworks: Ecological Issues in Philosophy and Theology) by Mark I. Wallace. [...]

Rioters in the Capitol building


Like most, if not all, of you I have been “unpacking” the events of this past week over the last few days. In this moment of massive COVID fatalities nationwide, the deaths of 5, the injury of 50, the arrest of 80 in the nation’s capital may seem like small potatoes, but the violent and seditious attack on the halls of government has reverberated across the country in ways that few of us can ignore. [...]

Sanctuary at Christmas

Christmas Carol Service

As a part of our Advent 2020 celebrations, we offer this collection of popular Christmas carols as performed by some of the families in our congregation. We hope that you will find them a joyful addition to your own celebrations this year. [...]