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Christmas Cookies

Holiday Giving — Baking Cookies!

This Christmas we are baking cookies for the women and children living in Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence houses — 141 as of today. Due to Covid health restrictions, Next Door is not having their annual holiday party, nor are they distributing books or any other gifts this year. They are distributing gift cards only. Let’s give something personal to show the women and children they are loved. [...]

Keeping You Informed

Hello Friends!  Welcome to the first issue of a new publication, FCCSJ—Keeping You Informed.  We felt it was important to update you on what has been going on with our church community over the past several weeks. [...]

Tree growing out of rock

Cultivating Resilience in a Time of Chaos

Resilience is the ability to adapt to difficult situations and bounce back from them. Resilient people tend to have external and internal resources they can call upon to deal with adversity. During this time of chaos, we are all experiencing constant challenges—in all shapes and sizes and weights and depths. Resilience is not about not having these challenges, but rather knowing what to do when you do have them so you can face them. [...]


Adult Forum: Care of Self in a Time of Chaos: How Can it be Done?

Margaret Gainer and Penny Phillips will share practices and ideas about how we can take care of our selves in the midst of, and in spite of, chaos all around us. After all we have been through (and are continuing to go through) — fires, pandemics, elections, racial violence, isolation, and social distancing — is it possible to actually allow for care of self? Margaret and Penny say yes, it is not only possible but actually necessary in our current environment. Their presentation will cover dealing with stress, our prayer life, how to regain our balance, and practices to help us find happiness, support and relaxation. We welcome everyone to join this conversation on November 8th. See your e-mail for the Zoom information, or contact the church Office Manager.

graphic of a car

2020 Silicon Valley Safe Parking

Thank you from the 2020 Silicon Valley Safe Parking Ministry Team and guests to all those who volunteered to help make Safe Parking such a success over the last two months. We would like to acknowledge and thank the following people, some of whom volunteered multiple times and/or in more than one capacity: [...]