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Important COVID-19 Update

WORSHIP: The leadership of FCCSJ has decided to return to virtual worship only for at least the next three Sundays (January 2, 9, and 16). While we are sad not to be able to gather in person, we also know that this is the best decision we can make for the safety of our staff and community. The only people in the Sanctuary on Sunday mornings will be those in front of the camera (ministers, reader), instrumental musicians, and the AV team. [...]


A Letter from Rev. Carla

Functioning as any kind of a Pastor anytime is challenging. Doing it during Covid is the Wild, Wild West. Making decisions while Covid is changing and permeating institutional normalcy is like navigating a Star Wars ship through a meteor shower. Christmas Eve was one of those times and I wanted to let you know that the decisions made were in collaboration with smart and trusted Church leadership. Please know, unequivocally, no one wanted to cancel (I like to think postpone) the FCCSJ Christmas Eve Service. I haven’t done the research but I am going bet it was a first. [...]

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Service Canceled

Sadly, we have had a positive COVID case within the last couple of hours amongst our leadership. Because of the many contacts they have had (and close contacts from recent days are being individually notified), we have made the difficult decision to cancel our Christmas Eve service. We are taking this step for the fundamental reason that our faith calls us to love one another, to care for each other, to ensure the safety of the sick and the vulnerable. [...]

Stained glass book

Adult Forum: White Christian Nationalism

In January, Adult Learning will host at least one, possibly two, forums on White Christian Nationalism. The first forum will be on January 9th. If there is a second, it’ll be held on the 23rd. Because of the recent increase in COVID-19 cases, we will have to move back to Zoom at least for the forum on the 9th. Those of you who are interested in “reading ahead” about the topic can check these recent blog posts: [...]

Doors wide open: Renewing for the future

Doors Wide Open Weekly Update

“As a long-standing church member and lawyer involved in advocating for disability rights, not to mention a mom to someone who lives with physical limitations,” says Lorraine Casto, “it has never sat well with me that the front of our church sanctuary is not easily accessible to individuals with mobility challenges.  I am grateful that we are focused as a congregation on changing this, and I look forward to welcoming all into our renewed sanctuary.  I am also excited for the opportunity to make our sanctuary space more inviting and usable for diverse groups we hope will use it to grow community in and beyond our congregation for years to come.” [...]