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Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve Service Canceled

Sadly, we have had a positive COVID case within the last couple of hours amongst our leadership. Because of the many contacts they have had (and close contacts from recent days are being individually notified), we have made the difficult decision to cancel our Christmas Eve service. We are taking this step for the fundamental reason that our faith calls us to love one another, to care for each other, to ensure the safety of the sick and the vulnerable.

We pray that all of you stay safe and healthy through this surge, and we pray that you will take time at home to celebrate and welcome the Good News of Christ’s birth. The times were different 2000 years ago. The need for Christ’s message of God’s love for each of us is as great or greater than it ever was.

We wish all of you a joyous, safe, and healthy Christmas.

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  1. Susan Price-Jang

    Just saw this message. So sorry to hear this, but I totally under the reason why it was necessary to cancel Christmas Eve service. I will miss seeing our church family tonight. Take care everyone. Love, Susan Price

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