Whether you are a believer, a seeker, a person of faith, or one who has no faith at all, you are welcome here.
Doors wide open: Renewing for the future

Doors Wide Open Weekly Update

Now is the time!

If you haven’t heard, we’re very close to meeting our goal of $1 million in pledges to renew our Sanctuary! Thank you to EVERYONE who has made their commitment!

If you are still considering your level of commitment, know that every pledge counts, no matter the size. And now is the time. Need a Letter of Intent? Find one at  Letter of Intent [PDF]. Return your Letter of Intent no later than November 19 to be counted as part of our Celebration Sunday on November 21!

“Our Sanctuary is like the home of the church, and like a second home to me. You want your home to be safe, accessible, and welcoming. And if it’s not, you make whatever corrections are needed. It’s time to make the sanctuary a safer, accessible, and more flexible space for all to enjoy now and into the future.” — Mark Domnauer

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