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Doors wide open: Renewing for the future

Doors Wide Open Weekly Update

“As a long-standing church member and lawyer involved in advocating for disability rights, not to mention a mom to someone who lives with physical limitations,” says Lorraine Casto, “it has never sat well with me that the front of our church sanctuary is not easily accessible to individuals with mobility challenges.  I am grateful that we are focused as a congregation on changing this, and I look forward to welcoming all into our renewed sanctuary.  I am also excited for the opportunity to make our sanctuary space more inviting and usable for diverse groups we hope will use it to grow community in and beyond our congregation for years to come.”

Please prayerfully consider your commitment to the Sanctuary Renewal project and our Doors Wide Open Capital Campaign.  Commitment Sundays are coming up November 7 and 14!  Don’t hesitate to reach out to the campaign committee with any questions at [email protected].

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