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Doors wide open: Renewing for the future

Doors Wide Open Weekly Update

Our Capital Campaign has already generated much positive energy and given us a common focus to work toward. Jennifer Busam, Capital Campaign Ministry Team member, shares her thoughts about the “Doors Wide Open” Campaign: “I want to make our sanctuary more accessible to all. I’d like our sanctuary to be more adaptable for community events, such as concerts. The campaign will be a re-energizing focus for our congregation.”

The safety and accessibility of our worship space is one of the important priorities of our renewed space. Our denomination calls us to include people with disabilities in all aspects of the Church’s life and ministry. Check out the Access Sunday Worship Service videos from the UCC Disabilities Ministries to learn more: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCY7e8yDXV1bFchcsxaVyy0w

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