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Silicon Valley Sponsoring Committee Update

The Silicon Valley Sponsoring Committee joins thousands of leaders across the California Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) to celebrate a deal announced by the Governor and state legislators to extend the state’s eviction moratorium and rent relief program that was set to expire June 30.

On June 3, over 600 California IAF leaders convened on Zoom, along with our own Catholic Bishop Oscar Cantú of San Jose (read his op-ed below), Episcopal Bishop Lucinda Ashby, and two state legislators to call for an extension of the eviction moratorium and expansion of SB91 to allow more flexibility with rental assistance distribution to keep families housed. We also organized hundreds of phone calls and emails to state senators, assembly members and the Governor asking for more time and flexibility to get funds to families who missed rent due to the pandemic.

We applaud State leaders for:

  • Extending the eviction ban to September 30, 2021
  • Paying 100% of overdue rent and utilities paid for landlords and tenantsProviding up to18 months of rental assistance for past and future rent
  • Allowing either tenants or land lords to receive funds
  • Forestalling evictions until rental assistance applications are attempted

“California IAF leaders are pleased our state legislators acted to protect our families from eviction and provide 100% of rent owed. Our thanks go to Senators Caballero, Durazo, Laird and Weiner and Assembly members Chiu, Bloom, Reyes and Santiago for leading the charge on behalf of our families,” said Rabbi Paula Marcus of Temple Beth El in Aptos. “We would have preferred a six-month extension, but we will turn our focus now to local organizing meetings so our families understand their rights and how to apply for rental assistance.”

“By sharing our stories with state agency staff and legislators,” said Lourdes Rios, COPA leader in Santa Cruz County, “Our recommendations were accepted to allow for easier income verification and tenants with informal leases to be included as eligible for assistance. By making future months of rent available, this will allow tenants like me to be able to cover my rent while I pay off the debts to my family and credit card that I took on to keep my landlord paid.”

Read Bishop Cantú’s Op Ed in the Mercury News