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Christmas Cookies

Holiday Giving — Baking Cookies!

This Christmas we are baking cookies for the women and children living in Next Door Solutions to Domestic Violence houses — 141 as of today. Due to Covid health restrictions, Next Door is not having their annual holiday party, nor are they distributing books or any other gifts this year. They are distributing gift cards only. Let’s give something personal to show the women and children they are loved.

Tuesday December 15, Christmas Cookies for Next Door Solutions families: We need bakers to make cookies for 30 or more people, put them in ziplock bags along with a tag (provided by us) showing “Baked for you with love by [your first name]” and the kind of cookie (gluten free? contains nuts?). If you make large cookies you only need one per bag. Smaller cookies need 2 in each bag. Deliver to Ellen Cook either Tuesday, December 14 from 1-3pm or Wednesday, December 15 before 11am.

Thursday, December 24, Special Christmas Cookie Project led by Kristin Link: We’re not saying exactly who the recipients will be (it’s a surprise), but it’s for our church families. Deliver cookies for 30 people to the church between 9 and 11am on Thursday, December 24 (just cookies, no bags or tags). Kristin and Brian will package and get them to the recipients.

If you can bake for more than 30 people, or if you can bake for more than one date, that would be wonderful!!! Baking with your children or grandchildren can spread the joy! You don’t have to be a member to volunteer. Make the holidays brighter by inviting others to join us in this project.

To sign up for either or both: email or telephone Ellen or go directly to SignUp.com.