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Friends of the California State Fair


Due to random web-searching, I have come across a great opportunity for High-School students that may be interested in furthering their studies through college education.

As we all know, college isn’t the ONLY way to get ahead in life! Some can attest to a fantastic life learning in different ways through various avenues! However, if you do think that college is the right path, then one definite thing to address is COST!

To help with that, here is a link to a Scholarship application that is run through the “Friends of The California State Fair”. Who doesn’t love the state fair?! Who doesn’t love “free” money?! Who wouldn’t love to combine the two?! So, ok then! Check it out! What could it hurt to look into this great opportunity?!

Known Requirements: Live in the state of California. Be a high-school Youth.

Preferred Requirements (from Rev. Shernell): KNOW YOU’RE AWESOME NO MATTER WHAT! …’Cuz ya are. Scholarship or not.

Scholarship Info Link: http://www.castatefair.org/scholarship/



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