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Silicon Valley Reads


This is the theme for this year’s “Silicon Valley Reads 2018”!

Silicon Valley Read is a fantastic program that runs annually in the area promoting life-long habits of reading, learning, and becoming a better person!  A little bit about them in their own words, “In 2002, local community and education leaders came up with an idea – what if everyone in Silicon Valley was asked to read the same book, at the same time, and talk about it? They selected Breaking Through by Santa Clara University professor Francisco Jimenez to be the inaugural book and scheduled a dozen free events.

Silicon Valley Reads has evolved into a more comprehensive program that each year includes more than 100 free activities throughout Santa Clara County for all age groups. What hasn’t changed is the goal – to use thought-provoking books and a theme relevant to issues in our region to encourage people to read, think, discuss and engage in sharing information and their diverse perspectives.

We want to promote reading, literacy, and the appreciation of literature among all members of the community to help support the education and lifelong learning that is critical for individual success and for Silicon Valley to maintain its leadership in creativity and innovation.”

Since I am new to the area, I couldn’t tell you about everything that the organization has done, but I sure could tell ya about how last year the program celebrated its 15th Anniversary! The focus title then was, “…And Justice for All!” It highlighted incarceration, recidivism, and criminal injustice. There were multiple suggested readings, various seminars, and loads of face to face conversations that allowed people to try to understand the depth of some of the Injustice issues that we are facing not only in this country, but right here in the Bay area.

They chose this year’s theme because, “Caregiving is a topic that touches us all at one time or another. It can be challenging . . . joyful . . . stressful . . . and critical to the well-being of ourselves, our families and our community. There is much to discuss and we hope that our selected books help you read, think and engage with others.”

I am so grateful for this program and for the many members of our church who don’t just support this annual event, but engage completely in all it has to offer. I thank them for being the first to remind me how important it is to be a part of the community and to strive to participate in as many ways as I can!

I’m going to join our already passionate members in this amazing series! Won’t you join us too?




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