Whether you are a believer, a seeker, a person of faith, or one who has no faith at all, you are welcome here.

Advent 2017

FIRST WEEK OF ADVENT — We begin by acknowledging where, and how, we are. Life in  Silicon Valley is fast, competitive, sometimes ruthless, and spiritually violent. Such life often leaves us stressed, scattered, lonely, and distracted. However, if we come to realize that we can get no further on our own, we might turn around and seek community. We might opt for a path that can eventually lead to wholeness.

SECOND WEEK OF ADVENT — As we turn back to community, we begin to hear a divine word of comfort, a call, and a challenge, to speak out! To have faith, to trust the path, and the notion that God will meet us along the way. A way is being made for us. This may not be immediately apparent, and so we move forward in faith.

THIRD WEEK OF ADVENT — God’s promised renewal so often comes to us through outsiders, through those at our social or cultural margins who bring us a different perspective. To continue on the renewing path means to be open to these unexpected experiences, even when their voices make us uncomfortable. God’s spirit is so often embodied in the lives of unexpected people, in unexpected circumstances.

FOURTH WEEK OF ADVENT — The beautiful prologue to John’s gospel reminds us, on this  Christmas Eve morning, that the very presence of God — that renewing presence we seek — is made manifest in Jesus the Nazarene. God makes a “home” in our midst and dwells among us.

CHRISTMAS EVE (7:00) — Our celebrations tonight are grounded in the reminder that the promise held in the manger is to all who have found themselves in darkness, all who have lost sight of the path. The very fullness of God meets us in unusual places, like a donkey shed, and suddenly, we are home.

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