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Moving Forward

Dear Friends,

At our recent Appreciative Inquiry Summit I was reminded once again of what makes us such a special community. So many of you took the time to come and engage in the conversation, to hear the results of our inquiry and help the community process so much possibility. Your thoughtful comments and visible energy for the task was heartening and profoundly wonderful.

Of course we tried to grapple with such an array of potential points of focus, around which so much passion coalesces, that we couldn’t quite settle on one vision. That, to me, is simply terrific. It is an indication that we really want to get this right.

For those who were unable to attend the discussion, as you may have heard by now, our machinations revolved around the related topics of Climate Change and Food Security. Clearly they are related in many of our minds, and the challenge may be one of articulating this relationship effectively. Perhaps we look at, as someone suggested, Creation Care, or Environmental Justice as our framework. I do believe that in conversation we can come up with just the right thing.

Regardless of what the grand vision turns out to be, we will want to develop related ministries that address pragmatic local implementation, advocacy and policy concerns on wider levels, use of our own facilities and resources, worship and spiritual development. We will need to craft the means and mechanisms to educate ourselves about the issues, and strategize about the ways in which we translate this to action. I foresee this being a good deal of work for our community, but a real opportunity to pull together, deepen our connections, and make a huge, positive, difference in the world.

I am excited about where we are and where we’re going. I’m so glad to be here in this moment. We anticipate holding our second Appreciative Inquiry Summit on Sunday January 25, where I hope we will be able to agree on a point of focus and begin the incarnational process of mapping out what this might look like for us.

As the Christ Child has arrived in our midst, we make bold to embody this vision for the world.

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