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Rev. Shernell Stilley

Shernell received her MDiv from Virginia Union University and was ordained in 2010. She has worked at the national level for both the UCC and Disciples of Christ, where her responsibilities included curriculum development, local congregation revitalization, Justice Leadership training, and international co-operation and support.

Shernell prays daily that her application to Hogwarts will finally be accepted so she can take her rightful place in the Wizarding World on a full-time scholarship for Muggle-borns. Until that happens, however, she remains the wife of William and the mother of Jacen, who unfortunately both suffer from a rare hearing disorder that manifests itself whenever Shernell feels led to channel her inner Celine Dion. She is an avid animal rights advocate, but strongly believes that it’s wrong to eat anything that doesn’t involve bacon in some capacity. A lover of history and all shows British, Shernell can often be heard speaking in different accents that she thinks are cool while trying to find more room to hide the books she just bought at the local Thrift Shop. Her favorite divine activity is travel — specifically international — in order to see as much of God’s creation as possible. Mostly, Shernell is thankful for her family and often finds reassurance of God’s love through the unconditional love that they extend to her on a daily basis.