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Sikh Temple Visit


Thanks to Neela Billawala, we have an opportunity to visit San Jose Sikh Gurdwara. The visit was originally scheduled for Sunday, the 17th, but because of an event at the temple that day, we are moving our visit up to Saturday, the 16th. We will carpool from the church parking lot on Leigh, leaving at 11:30a.m.

Neela has arranged for us to have a tour of the temple, including the prayer hall, and to enjoy a vegetarian lunch. As part of their faith practice, the Sikh community provides food free to anyone in need. This is offered every day of the year, nearly 24 hours a day. You may make a good-will offering if you desire (no one asks, there is just a donation box). We will need to show respect by dressing modestly (long pants or skirts and a scarf for women to cover the head), and shoes must be removed before entering the buildings. If you are interested in going, let Ellen Cook (ellencookphd (at) gmail.com) know because we need to let our hosts know how many of us will be showing up.